3 free agent running backs the Cowboys should sign instead of Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas is still shopping for a running back, but because of what they are willing to pay, the options are limited.

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1. A.J. Dillon

The 28-year-old Dillon has played his entire career until this point with the Green Bay Packers, primarily as a handcuff to Aaron Jones.

Dillon was never a primetime back in Green Bay and for the games he did start, he was mostly inconsistent. Dillon totaled just 12 rushing touchdowns in his last two seasons, averaging under 4.0 yards per carry during that time. But for what is left in the pool of free agents, Dillon might be the one that makes the most sense.

Dillon, can be the Cowboys power back and would easily buy into Mike McCarthy's "chunk-play" type of preferred running scheme. This style of running is what Dallas is looking for going into 2024. Dillon also has above-average receiving ability, and superb ball-security to go along with being a strong blocker.

What makes this even more likely is that, Dillion's market value at $3.5 million. This price is just under the amount they were reportedly shy to pay Zack Moss, so Dallas might bend the purse strings. Dillon has been linked to Dallas more so than anyone mentioned so he is a name to follow in the coming days.

It seems like the Cowboys are not shopping in the exclusive isle anymore, but they're not shopping in the lost-and found isle, either. They are simply looking for a cheap contributor who can come in, add depth and produce at a fair level. Luckily for them, there are still a handful that can meet their needs.

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