3 former (and 1 current) Cowboys who could follow Kellen Moore to the Eagles

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2. Tony Pollard, RB

The Eagles could have a completely rejuvenated RB room in 2024.

Their leading rusher, D'Andre Swift, is a free agent and could go to the highest bidder now that his rookie contract is up. Could Swift, who was born and raised in Philly, take a hometown discount to return to the Eagles? Perhaps, but this is best chance to get a big(ish) contract and he should have a decent market coming off his first 1,000-yard season.

That opens the door for Pollard to potentially sign with the Eagles. Though coming off a down year, the Cowboys offensive line didn't do Pollard any favors in 2023. Further, it was clear early in the season that Pollard was working himself back after offseason ankle surgery.

In the second half of the schedule, Pollard looked more like the Pro Bowl back we saw last season, Moore's final year as Cowboys offensive coordinator. He might need a RB partner to reach his ceiling, but we're led to believe Pollard would flourish behind Philly's offensive line.