3 first-year Cowboys who did not earn a second season in 2024

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3. WR Tyron Billy-Johnson

The name might be one of the coolest on the team but bringing back Billy-Johnson does not make a lot of sense. While there is no guarantee he even makes the final roster, it is questionable why Dallas continues to invest in him. Billy-Johnson is one of the many undrafted free agents throughout NFL history who is hoping for one more shot.

Billy-Johnson went undrafted in 2019 and spent his rookie season on three teams' practice squads. The Texans, Bills and Panthers all let him walk before the Chargers gave him his best chance for the rest of 2019 and 2020. His 2020 season marked his best with over 300 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Since then Billy-Johnson only has six catches.

After being waived by the 49ers last offseason, Dallas signed him and put him on the practice squad after the preseason. He was released in January, but re-signed in April. For a guy Dallas flip flopped on all last season, Billy-Johnson's return in 2024 is a questionable move. He only had one good season four years ago and to think he will be another good receiver to pair with Lamb is unreasonable.

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