3 draft picks Cowboys got right and 2 moves they will regret

Which picks did the Cowboys get right and which ones will they wish they had a mulligan?
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There were certainly some bittersweet elements to the 2024 NFL Draft for the Dallas Cowboys. Bitter because it was a pretty slow offseason overall for Dallas, and they were forced to really approach this draft with a "need first" approach. Sweet because you always love getting to see new players join the roster, and the Cowboys did find some outstanding talent despite picking late in each round.

There's no question that the Cowboys need this year's class to be a little more Day 1 ready than what we saw from the 2023 class. As with every rookie class, there are going to be picks you nailed and some you end up regretting.

Which ones did the Cowboys get right and which did they get wrong in 2024?

Cowboys draft pick they got right: Tyler Guyton, OT

It would be a shame if you already felt like the Cowboys got their first-round pick wrong, right? The decision to select Tyler Guyton in the first round was a pretty simple and straightforward one. The Cowboys lost Tyron Smith in free agency to the New York Jets and even if they had brought him back somehow, they would have needed a succession plan.

They're just ripping off the Band-Aid with this pick. Guyton is part of an extremely renowned offensive tackle class in 2024. He might be a bit raw and inexperienced, but there were folks in the NFL Draft realm who viewed him as a clear top-20 player. Because he's raw, the decision to flip him from the right side to the left was an easy one. You bet on those traits and having Tyler Smith next to him working out.

Cowboys draft pick they got right: Cooper Beebe, OL

This year's offensive line class was absolutely outstanding, and the Cowboys got a few really good ones. Cooper Beebe might end up being the best interior lineman from this class picked outside of the first round. He was a favorite of many, even over the guys that got picked in the two rounds ahead of him.

One common trait people point out when it comes to Beebe is his strength. He's extremely athletic as well, but when you combine athleticism (9.28 on the RAS scale) with play strength, you have an absolute best on the interior offensive line. This pick is going to pay off for Dallas quickly, and Beebe is going to prove himself to be a quick learner at center after playing pretty much every other position at Kansas State.

Cowboys draft pick they got right: Caelen Carson, CB

Getting Caelen Carson in the 5th round of the 2024 NFL Draft was probably the biggest steal of draft weekend for the Cowboys. Carson might not end up starting right away or anything, but he was considered a pretty unanimous third-round player and the Cowboys landed him with the 174th overall pick in the 5th round.

You always love to see teams getting NFL Draft gems for their better position coaches, and the Cowboys have one of the best secondary coaches in the league in Al Harris.