3 Cowboys whose stock is soaring right before playoffs (and 1 whose stock is plummeting)

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboy whose stock is plummeting: Terence Steele

When it rains it pours and Terence Steele currently can't do anything right. As if being one of the worst-graded lineman in the NFL this season wasn't enough, Steele had a blown assignment on Brandon Aubrey's first quarter field goal attempt that was blocked and nearly returned for a touchdown.

Replay showed that Steele shifted inside to assist the interior of the line, which left the team's two outside blockers matched up against three rushers. It created a gaping hole that Washington used to block Aubrey's attempt.

Watch Steele (No. 73) shift inside. He leaves Brock Hoffman on an island. Before Hoffman realized Steele left his man unblocked, it was too late.

The fact lapses in concentration are happening with Steele is a huge concern. It's typically been poor blocking technique that's led to his struggles this season. Regardless, he continues to make mistakes that hurt the team. This gaffe allowed Washington to tie the game at 7-7 when Dallas should've went up 10-0.

If Steele isn't careful, he could find himself watching the playoffs from the bench.