3 Cowboys players whose stock is skyrocketing after preseason loss to Seahawks

These Cowboys shined in Week 2 of preseason against the Seahawks.
Dallas Cowboys
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1. Deuce Vaughn, running back

Of course, the man of the hour right now for the Dallas Cowboys is running back Deuce Vaughn. He's quickly becoming one of the most interesting players league-wide this preseason, not just in Dallas.

Everyone is intrigued to see what he's going to do next with his outstanding speed, quickness, elusiveness, and vision as a ball-carrier. Vaughn was obviously highly productive at Kansas State, but there were some valid questions about how easily he would translate to the NFL being just 5-foot-6 and 176 pounds.

So far in the preseason, he's averaging 4.92 yards per carry with two rushing touchdowns and he's also caught four passes. Vaughn is impressing everyone and his stock is undoubtedly skyrocketing.

What you really love to see on this touchdown run is the fact that Vaughn is able to break an arm tackle while simultaneously spinning to avoid the next guy trying to hit him. Elusiveness does not just mean making people miss in space, it means making people miss in some congested areas as well and Vaughn can do both at a high level.


Is Deuce Vaughn big enough to carry the ball 200-plus times per season? Maybe not, but he will certainly have a role for this Cowboys team and he'll continue to be one of the most interesting players in the NFL.

He has such a toughness about him when he runs between the tackles and defenders obviously have a hard time getting him to the ground not just because he's shifty, but because he is hard to see behind blockers as well.

Vaughn's arrow continues to point straight up.

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