3 Cowboys players we’ll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we wish stayed

The Dallas Cowboys roster is taking on a ton of change in 2024
Dallas Cowboys
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2. The Cowboys will miss left tackle Tyron Smith

There's no question about it -- the Dallas Cowboys are going to miss left tackle Tyron Smith in 2024. It seems as though the plan is to keep Tyler Smith at the left guard position, even though there was a chance he could be the heir apparent at left tackle when he was drafted. The Cowboys are fortunate that this is a tremendous offensive tackle class in the 2024 NFL Draft, but Tyron Smith was playing at a very high level last year.

There is certainly an aspect of this separation that is understandable. Smith's availability has been a little spotty in recent years, but he was still a top-tier left tackle when he was on the field. That's going to be tough to replace in the short and long term.

3. The Cowboys will be glad Dorance Armstrong is gone

Dorance Armstrong landed in the right spot this offseason. Let's just keep it at that.

Armstrong's career with the Cowboys was seemingly coming to an end before Dan Quinn arrived in Dallas and helped him turn things around. And he did just that, to the point that Quinn and the Commanders rewarded him with a three-year contract worth $33 million in total money and over $22 million in guarantees.

Although Armstrong made solid contributions as a part-time player in Dallas's defense, the Cowboys should be able to do the same or better at a discounted price.