3 Cowboys most likely to have their contract restructured to save cap space

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2. CB Trevon Diggs

Though both are proven superstars, Trevon Diggs got his extension before CeeDee Lamb because he was a second-round pick. If the Cowboys didn't extend him last summer, they'd be forced to get a deal done before free agency. At that point, Diggs might've elected free agency to drive up his market.

The Cowboys gave Diggs a five-year, $97 million deal, including a $21.25 million signing bonus and $42.304 million guaranteed. That extension kicks in next season, so Diggs will count nearly $15.4 million against the salary cap. That's a lofty number and is the fifth-highest on the team, per Over The Cap.

Restructuring Diggs' contract would save $7.9 million on the cap. Diggs deserves every penny he receives from the Cowboys. He might just have to receive it differently, whether it be via a signing bonus or guaranteeing his base salary.

It's not like Diggs is going anywhere. He's a franchise cornerstone and will hopefully sign a second contract with the team. His cap hit isn't crippling but tinkering with his deal is an easy call for a front office that seems to be all-in.