10 QB prospects the Cowboys could draft to replace Dak Prescott in 2025

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10. Jalon Daniels, Kansas

Jalon Daniels, 6-foot, 215-pounds, was a breakout player in 2022, passing for over 2,000 yards and rushing for over 400 more. He threw for 18 touchdowns and rushed for another seven enroute to a surprise bowl game for the Jayhawks.

A back injury hampered him in 2023 and could potentially bleed into 2024. Daniels is natural leader teammates and coaches love but he plays in an RPO-heavy offense that makes his fit in the NFL questionable. When in the pocket, he can hold on too long, posting an average TTT of over three seconds. It’s safe to say he won’t fit all NFL offenses.


Given the talent on the Cowboys roster in 2024, they will likely be picking at the end of the draft. As such, the top prospects will be out of reach. In a relatively poor looking QB class, no one is truly worthy of the top-15 selection but at least a couple will go there given the value of the position.

Presumably picking in the 20s, the Cowboys could be looking at the QB3 of the class when they go on the clock in the first round. Since many of these prospects are scheme specific and/or limited in their abilities, some may not be options depending on who's coaching in Dallas.

In any case, this class looks to be loaded with developmental prospects so it's unlikely any in the Cowboys range will have win-now potential early in their career. With a multiyear rebuild likely to be in the cards, the Cowboys will have to commit to both player and coach for the long-term and hope everything turns out ok between the two.

Much can change in the next few months, but this is not the class a QB-hungry team wants to see on the horizon.

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