10 QB prospects the Cowboys could draft to replace Dak Prescott in 2025

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No. 6: Jalen Milroe, Alabama

Jalen Milroe, 6-foot-2, 220-pounds, is a name at the top of many lists even if it’s largely based on potential. The Alabama QB has the intangibles of an NFL star. He has dual threat speed and a rocket arm that can make all the throws. An elite passer on 3rd-and-long, Milroe can step up in big moments and doesn’t shrink from the limelight even if he throws a high volume of dangerous passes.

Leans on read-option and play-fakes a lot, but is a standout performer in each. A strong 2024 season could place him as the No. 1 pick so his ceiling cannot be denied. But with an average TTT of 3.45, he holds the ball for a ridiculous amount of time and harkens memories of Justin Fields.

No. 7: Cam Ward, Miami

At 6-foot-2, 223-pounds, Ward brings decent size and good athleticism to the NFL. He has the potential to go early on Day 1 or late on Day 2 depending how his 2024 season unfolds. He threw a staggering 21 turnover worthy passes last season, highlighting his recklessness as a passer.

He has a funny sidearm release that will lead to batted passes but he has a playmaking intangible that sets him apart from others. He’s a low floor, high ceiling prospect with boom or bust potential.