10 QB prospects the Cowboys could draft to replace Dak Prescott in 2025

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No. 4: Quinn Ewers, Texas

Quinn Ewers is a tough read as a prospect and his 2024 season will likely be vital to his ranking in the 2025 NFL draft. Ewers has developed consistently throughout his time at Texas. At 6-foot-2, 200-pounds, he’s not the ideal size for an NFL passer.

Ewers knows how to put the ball in the hands of his playmakers. He delivers on-target passes that allow his receivers to catch the ball in stride and with good YAC potential. He’s an excellent play-action passer which isn’t a bad thing by any means but could serve as a red flag to teams than don’t typically use run fakes in the attacks (like Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys).

Many of his plays are predetermined behind solid play design. It’s similar in that way to Ben Johnson’s offense in Detroit or many of the various Shanahan offenses spread across the league. He has a great arm and spreads the ball around the field with ease. Definitely NFL arm talent. But he doesn’t play with much anticipation and appears to be lacking a degree of confidence.

Ewers also has a low release in his passes. It leads to a high number of passes batted at the line which is a problem that will only grow at the level. Not sure if he has a natural feel for the game or if he’s just maxed out as a system QB.