Cowboys fans won’t love Micah Parsons’ message to Lane Johnson after Eagles’ NFC title

Cowboys, Micah Parsons. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Cowboys, Micah Parsons. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

The NFL playoffs have been a disaster for the Dallas Cowboys. After crashing out in the Divisional Round against the 49ers, Cowboys fans watched the rival Eagles dispose of San Francisco to book their second trip to the Super Bowl in five years.

Micah Parsons was among the thousands of fans live-tweeting the game. He took a shot at the Eagles’ defense on Christian McCaffrey’s touchdown run, and was equally quick to praise Philly throughout the game when it was called for.

At one point, Parsons showered praise on Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson, who elected to put off surgery on a torn abductor to make it back for the playoffs. Incredibly, Johnson re-tore his groin in the Eagles’ route of the Giants in the Divisional Round, and still held his own against the 49ers’ vaunted front seven.

Even Cowboys fans can tip their cap to Johnson for gutting through the injury to try and bring another Super Bowl to Philly.

However, Parsons crossed a sacred line in replying to Johnson by telling the grizzled lineman to go win it all for the NFC East.

He did what now?

Cowboys’ Micah Parsons praises Eagles OT Lane Johnson, tells him to win Super Bowl for the NFC East.

Look, Parsons obviously didn’t mean any wrong by Cowboys fans with this tweet. It’s clear he admires Johnson (understandably so) and they share a close relationship. Though rivals on the field, it’s important to remember the animosity oftentimes doesn’t extend beyond the gridiron. The NFL is a brotherhood, and nothing proves that more than a Cowboys and Eagles star breaking bread on Twitter.

That said, Cowboys fans could’ve done without the Defensive Player of the Year finalist openly rooting for Johnson to win a championship.

Think about it. A Cowboys player pulling for an Eagle to win it all? It’s just wrong (even though Parsons had zero malice intent). He’s happy for his friend, but Cowboys fans just spent the last three hours praying desperately that a banged up Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson would send the Eagles packing.

The wound isn’t even an hour fresh. Perhaps Parsons could’ve just shot Johnson a text, or simply ended the tweet before the Super Bowl-NFC East bit.

At the end of the day, this all proves that Parsons is as classy as they come. He wants his peers to succeed, and isn’t letting a fan-driven rivalry influence his opinion. There’s something to be said about that.

It just feels a little weird. And that’s okay, too, given how Cowboys fans feel about the Eagles and City of Brotherly Love.