Why the Eagles should be more concerned than Cowboys after Week 6 contest

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy( Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy( Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

Though the Dallas Cowboys lost their big divisional matchup to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, the perceptions leaving that game aren’t as clear as the results may make them seem. With the Eagles on the winning side of things and looking dominant at times, you would think that Philly’s outlook in the division should be the brightest leaving that game.

But that’s not the case and for good reason. The Cowboys are the team that should feel the best leaving that game and here is why.

When you look at how the game played out, the Eagles should have won the game easily. Though the Cowboys would give themselves a deficit of almost three touchdowns to come back from going into the half, the Eagles very well could have been going to the locker room up 28-3 instead of 20-3.

However, they couldn’t. The Dallas defense, for all they did allow, held them to two field goals on their last two scores of the half.

Plus, the Eagles were only able to get out to that 20-3 lead because of two Cooper Rush interceptions in the first half. Let’s also be clear that neither of those was an extremely blamable offense for the backup quarterback that has been nothing but stellar before Week 6.

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot to feel good about after Week 6 loss to the Eagles

The first pick was a tipped pass right out of the hands of the receiver, and the other was him trying to make a play for his team. You can’t hate Rush trying to make something happen there in that situation. The man that calls himself Big Play Darius Slay undercut the ball and did just that —made a big play.

If those snafus don’t happen, then the Eagles likely wouldn’t even be leading the score to begin with, at least not by so much. Then, you have to remember that Philly almost blew such a big lead.

They allowed the Cowboys to make it a game. If Brandon Graham didn’t have perfectly timed pressure on Rush that caused him to throw early and get a pick, this game was winnable. Even on that interception play, Rush had CeeDee Lamb streaking down the sideline for what could have been a touchdown with time left on the clock to actually make a stop and have a chance at a game-tying score.

Looking back on it all, the Cowboys didn’t have their starting quarterback and the Eagles’ plan of going directly at Micah Parsons showed success early on. Dallas did begin to figure that out as the game went on though, meaning they’ll be better in the next matchup, especially since they should have their starting signal caller going too.

With all that in mind, Dallas missing Dak Prescott, the circumstances by which the Eagles did win, and the impressive second-half adjustments — I believe the Eagles should be the concerned team leaving this game.

Dallas is still at the top of a struggling NFC and has a great chance to make the playoffs. The rematch on Christmas Eve will be very special.