The 4 most underrated Dallas Cowboys on Madden 23

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The Dallas Cowboys are usually underrated, and the Madden 23 ratings prove that

We all love the game of football, but not all of us get to play in the NFL or for the Dallas Cowboys. The annual football game Madden released the player ratings for the 2023 edition of the classic video game. It’s that time of the year when everyone is debating why some players are under or overrated.

In the grand scheme, Madden ratings don’t impact the real-life game, so do they even matter? Of course, they do. The players want their respect. Here, we take an in-depth look at some players on the Cowboys roster who were underrated by the video game makers and prove why they deserve to be scored higher.

The 4 most underrated Dallas Cowboys on Madden 23

Cowboys, Trevon Diggs

Dec 26, 2021; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs (7) intercepts a pass intended for Washington Football Team wide receiver Terry McLaurin (17) during the first quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


CB. Trevon Diggs (84 OVR)

No single player in the NFL stirred up more of a debate as to how good they are than cornerback Trevon Diggs. While people feel strongly on both sides, the low rating of 84 must be surprising.

Leading the NFL in any significant category is difficult, but Diggs led in two. Ironically, they are the foundation of the debate about how over or underrated the corner is. No. 7 led the NFL in passes intercepted and passing yards allowed.

Sometimes interceptions can be considered lucky, but not when you keep getting them. The Alabama product had 11 picks this past season, the most since Everson Walls picked off just as many in 1981.

Diggs’ past as a wide receiver has paid off so far. He knocked down 21 passes last season, good for second in the NFL. In his career, the corner got his hands on the ball 49 times in 28 games. He favors taking chances on jumping at the ball, and it shows.

The third-year corner’s league-leading yards against are not impressive but understandable. Ironically, the beloved Marshawn Lattimore gave up only 81 fewer yards. That’s all while allowing a higher completion percentage, passer rating, more touchdowns, and getting his hands on the ball ten fewer times.

Since we’re talking Lattimore, why not bring up his 91 overall? His history as a dominant corner in the NFL inflates his rating in Madden, but that doesn’t mean Diggs should get punished. He has been one of the better “risk-it-for-the-biscuit” corners in the NFL over his two seasons in the league.

Tied for a whopping 18th among cornerbacks with the Alabama product in terms of overall rating in Madden is Shaquill Griffin. Diggs’ 32 ball touches in 16 games this past season is almost equal to Griffin’s 35 ball touches in his last 40 games. Other than yardage, Diggs leads in most other categories, too.

While I’m not impressed at all with how low Dallas’s top cornerback’s ratings are, I understand the need to prove himself. I expect his overall to change from 84 to at least an 87 as long as he cleans up some missteps. Considering Diggs has only played corner for four years now (including college), he has a ton of potential left.

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