Watch Mississippi weatherman go viral for trolling Cowboys on live TV

Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin (L) and Troy Aikman (R) DecePHOTO/Paul BUCK (Photo by PAUL BUCK / AFP) (Photo by PAUL BUCK/AFP via Getty Images)
Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin (L) and Troy Aikman (R) DecePHOTO/Paul BUCK (Photo by PAUL BUCK / AFP) (Photo by PAUL BUCK/AFP via Getty Images) /

A reporter from a Mississippi local news station and ABC affiliate (WTOK-TV) is going viral for trolling the Dallas Cowboys during a weather report. Ethan Birth is a reporter and producer for the network who normally covers sports, but happened to be filling in for a weather report on Monday.

As all Cowboys fans very sadly know, despite being America’s Team, the Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl ring in over 26 years. The team hasn’t had a solid chance at a Lombardi Trophy since the dynasty of the 1990s. Although the team remains one of the most profitable and lucrative sports franchises in the world, they have yet to get back to where they were many, many years ago.

This is something that Bird decided to not-so-casually point out when delivering news about a heatwave hitting Mississippi.

“Now we look at our 10-day forecast. It’s looking a little bit like those Dallas Cowboys, peaking in the ’90s,” Bird said.

He even directly points to Thursday’s 96-degree temperature estimate, which corresponds to the last time Dallas won a Super Bowl. Ouch.

Mississippi reporter goes viral for trolling the Dallas Cowboys in a live TV weather report

This fan base has seen its fair share of criticism around the league, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone expected digs to come from Mississippi of all places. If this were a Philadelphia or Washington D.C. weather report, this would make a ton of sense.

To make things even more odd, according to Bird’s bio on the WTOK-TV website, the reporter was born and raised in Colorado. I wasn’t aware Colorado residents had beef with the Cowboys?

Bird also lists basketball and baseball (not football) as his favorite sports and proclaims himself an avid Rams fan. But, not the Los Angeles Rams. The Colorado State University Rams – the ones certainly not known for their football prowess.

Plus, although we don’t know his exact age, the sports reporter looks too young to have even been alive for the Cowboys’ 90s dynasty. What gives him the right to drop 1990s-era football burns?

Jokes aside, it was a funny clip that did make the small news station reporter famous overnight. He went from unknown outside of Meridian, MS, to a viral sensation. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe even discussed the clip on Undisputed.

It’s worth adding that as a peace offering, Bird chose to wear “Cowboys colors” on air the next day. You have to respect the kid for trying to make a boring weather report entertaining.

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