Do the Cowboys really have a “home field advantage” at AT&T Stadium?

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There is a lot of talk about how the Dallas Cowboys perform at home and if they have any real home-field advantage at all. Some fans think the environment at AT&T Stadium has improved while others still feel it has become more of a tourist attraction rather than a football stadium. For teams like Green Bay and Seattle, the perks of playing at home are truly felt and seen. That’s not always the case for the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy even had to urge fans to pack the stands in Arlington ahead of the Cowboys’ Wild Card game because they were worried about San Francisco 49ers fans taking over the crowd noise. So, just how much of a home-field advantage do the Cowboys really have? Well, I did a bit of research and analysis on the subject to find out if they are any better, worse, or if it makes no difference at all.

Long story short, the Cowboys win at home more than the NFL average and the numbers are there to back it up. Per a study from the Washington Post, the NFL has seen home teams hover around a home-field winning percentage of 52%. The Cowboys winning percentage at home over the last five years is 60%. That is a significant jump from the league average.

What about comparatively to the teams they see the most: the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Commanders, and the New York Giants? The Cowboys have the best winning percentage at home over the last five years among them as well.

  • Dallas Cowboys: 24-16 (.600)
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 23-16-1 (.575)
  • Washington Commanders: 15-25 (.375)
  • New York Giants: 12-28 (.300)

To be fair, the other NFC East teams haven’t been doing all that well in the last few years, so that certainly factors into these percentages.

Do the Cowboys really have any home-field advantage at AT&T Stadium?

In addition to attendance and fans, a hot-button topic at AT&T has also been the sun that glares through the stadium. There were multiple instances in the Wild Card game where players seemed to completely lose the ball due to lack of visibility. Cedrick Wilson even spoke about it in his post-game press conference.

The sun is a fun and easy topic to nag on about, but the reality is that over an extended period, it has not played a factor in limiting the Cowboys’ ability to win games at home.

Overall, the Cowboys come in at No. 12 in the NFL with the best winning percentage at home over the last five years. The best in the league and NFC is the Green Bay Packers at 31-8-1 while the best AFC team at home is the Kansas City Chiefs at 31-10. Those are two teams where even when watching on TV, you can send the true advantage they have at Lambeau and Arrowhead.

An even more interesting fact is that over the last five years, when analyzing home games, the Cowboys have scored the most points of any team in the NFL with 29 points per game. They have the second-most touchdowns scored at home over this period as well with 136.

Although some feel that the environment at AT&T Stadium could use some improvement, all fact-based evidence shows that the Dallas Cowboys are in the top half of the league in home-field winning percentages and arguably the best offense at home over the last five years.

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