Trevon Diggs has six games to look forward to against the NFC East

Trevon Diggs #7 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Trevon Diggs #7 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Heading into his third NFL season, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs has made a name for himself when it comes to interceptions. Just last season, Diggs led the NFL with 11 interceptions, with more than half coming against NFC East opponents. After his breakout year, what will he do for an encore in 2022? Luckily, he still gets to see two of the same NFC East quarterbacks from last season and the third is Carson Wentz, a familiar foe.

Back in 2020, when Diggs was a rookie, he intercepted Wentz twice in one game when the QB still played for the Eagles. In fact, the corner’s first career interception was against the former Eagle. Over the past three seasons, Wentz averages just below 10 interceptions per season. Now in Washington, it will be interesting to see how Wentz plays with a new cast of receivers. The cornerback even tweeted out a cryptic smiley face emoji when the news broke about Wentz heading back to the NFC East.

Wentz is known for his reckless play, and that is the perfect type of player Diggs can succeed against. The Commanders’ offensive line may struggle to give Wentz time, so when the pocket starts closing and Wentz chucks one up, I expect Diggs to be in a position to come down with it.

Next, is Giants starting quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones has been a turnover machine throughout his career. In 38 career games, Jones has thrown 29 interceptions. Diggs was not able to intercept Jones last season, but that was mostly because Jones left the first game they played early with an injury. Jones didn’t play the second time the Cowboys faced the Giants.

The 2022 season, especially Weeks 3 and 12, gives Diggs some great opportunities for takeaways at the expense of Jones. While Diggs hasn’t intercepted Jones yet in his career, that does not mean he does not like intercepting Giants quarterbacks. Last season, Diggs has two interceptions against Mike Glennon,  who played in game one and started the second meeting for the Giants.

Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs should have immense interception success against the NFC East in 2022

The former Alabama corner should have supreme confidence when facing NFC East opponents, especially the team he has his most career interceptions against, the Philadelphia Eagles. Four of Diggs’ 14 career interceptions have come against the Eagles. Two from Wentz and two from their 2022 starter Jalen Hurts.

Hurts has started 19 games in his career and has thrown 13 interceptions. The Cowboys should look to force Hurts to beat them with his arm. This should allow Diggs to make a big impact. Diggs had success against Hurts last year by simply reading his eyes. With young quarterbacks like Hurts, they feel comfortable throwing certain routes to certain receivers which Diggs can take advantage of.

He stared at Hurts and waited for him to throw this out pattern. Having a good read on the opposing quarterback is always the best way to set up interceptions, and the Cowboy knows that. Hopefully, we will see Diggs with similar success against his former college teammate in the 2022 season.

The Cowboys will need another successful season from their All-Pro cornerback and Diggs will look to feast against NFC East opponents next season. After an 11-interception year, it will be thrilling to see Diggs run up the interception totals again this year.

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