3 moves the Cowboys need to make after the 2022 NFL Draft

Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)
Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Cowboys, Will McClay
Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, Will McClay Mandatory Credit: James D. Smith via USA TODAY Sports /

3. Give Will McClay the GM Title

This is something that has long been overdue. Will McClay has essentially been the Cowboys’ general manager by overseeing the draft process for this team since 2014. He’s had his hand in pretty much every roster move since that time and has been with this team for 20 years.

Dallas is lucky to have him on their staff and leans heavily on him to make sure they are well prepared on draft prospects and free agents they like. That’s a lot of trust and a lot of work to put on one man. Other teams around the league have noticed and tried to poach McClay from Dallas and make him their GM.

It’s time that Jerry Jones becomes the owner and relinquishes the title of general manager to McClay – the real general manager of this team. He flies all over the country visiting schools and players, something that Jerry and Stephen Jones do not do. Instead, they rely on McClay to bring them back the information so they can feel informed. They need to give the man his due and the title he deserves before another team sweetens their offer just enough to steal him from the Cowboys.

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