Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence throws careful strike for first pitch at Rangers game

Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence #90, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence #90, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is always an honor and a fun thing to do. Over the weekend, Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence was asked to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers game. D-Law looked the part in a crisp white Rangers jersey slightly covered by his massive “LAW” diamond chain.

People from all different walks of life are asked to throw first pitches. Singers, actors, community heroes, and others have all taken their shot to throw a strike at an MLB stadium. It seems all fun and games, but it actually comes with a lot of pressure. For some (think 50 Cent, Carly Rae Jepsen, Miss Texas, etc) things go horribly south – and sometimes quite literally south as some of the balls hit the ground several yards before the plate.

For athletes, there is a bit more pressure. It’s easy for a guy like Russel Wilson, who was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and played two seasons of minor league baseball with the organization, to go out there and throw a strike. In fact, Wilson just threw the first pitch for Opening Day at Coors Field to get fans excited for his new role with the Denver Broncos.

We’d say that Lawrence ranks somewhere in the middle of horrendous and surprisingly good. He did “throw a strike” to first base coach Corey Ragsdale, but it came from quite a lobbed throw. We are talking full arch. But the Rangers mascot Captain gave him the strike call and that was that.

Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence throws lobbed strike for first pitch at Texas Rangers game

Picking Lawrence to throw out the first pitch for a Dallas area team makes sense. The Cowboys defender has spent the last eight seasons in Dallas and just signed a new contract that will likely keep him a Dallas athlete for the rest of his professional football career.

Thankfully, Lawrence doesn’t need to join the list of athletes like John Wall and Michael Jordan who both threw incredibly embarrassing first pitches in their lifetime despite being all-star athletes. But he does now join names like Saquon Barkley, Tom Brady, JJ Watt, Dan Marino, Michael Irvin, Tony Romo, and many more who are football players with the honor to throw out the first pitch.

It’s always entertaining to see someone as incredibly strong and athletic as Lawrence do something out of his element. There’s no doubt he is a stellar athlete, but clearly football was the right sport for D-Law.