Cowboys’ new hire negates Mike McCarthy’s goal to do more with offense

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

Last season for the Dallas Cowboys had so many highs and lows on the offensive side of the football. Early in the season, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was coming up with different play calls, mixing up his run and pass calls to keep defenses on their heels. But after the Denver Broncos game where Moore was exposed and unable to adjust, things went downhill from there for the offense.

After seeing the implosion of his offense, head coach Mike McCarthy said at the NFL Combine that he would be more hands-on with the offense this season compared to the two previous seasons with the Cowboys. At least that’s what Jerry and Stephen Jones are saying.

After saying he wanted to be more involved with the offense, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy brings Brian Schottenheimer in to assist the offense

Now, we don’t know what McCarthy has been working on specifically with Moore. But, what we do know is that he seems to be continuing the same process that he did last year by bringing in Ben McAdoo to help Moore with his play-calling last season. This season, McCarthy is bringing in his former mentor’s son, Brian Schottenheimer, to assume the same role they lost when McAdoo left to be the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. So, how is this being more hands-on with the offense?

Many would assume that when you say “more involved” that means being involved in the game planning, situational play-calling, or even assuming the role and leaving Moore in as the offensive coordinator in title alone. Instead, McCarthy has once again decided to bring in a former coordinator to come in and do it for him. That’s fine, but when you’re in a make-or-break year as the Cowboys head coach is, then you should be doing everything in your power to make sure that your offense doesn’t fall apart again.

We know that the defense with Dan Quinn is going to be fine as long as his defense continues to get pressure on the quarterback. It’s a completely different story on offense with the offensive line in flux, the running game struggling, and the passing game unable to push the football downfield due to a lack of in-game adjustments. Let’s not forget that the Cowboys just traded away their number one receiver.

I don’t see how this is a more hands-on approach. Addition by subtraction doesn’t really work in the NFL. McCarthy has been in this league long enough to know that. He should be far more concerned and cautious after his team’s season ended on a horrible offensive play call with Dak Prescott running the ball with barely any time left on the clock.

If this is McCarthy trying to save his job he’s got a funny way about going about doing it. In the eyes of many, he’s not starting off on the right foot because many others if they were in his shoes would be doing everything they can to save their position on the team. Just take a look at Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, he knows his job is on the line so he’s going out and signing big-name free agents, and making blockbuster trades in order to save his job. What’s Mike McCarthy done; hire someone else to help Kellen Moore with the offense instead of doing it himself.