Dez Bryant and NFL world react to Cowboys’ Amari Cooper trade

Jul 29, 2019; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper (19) during training camp at River Ridge Playing Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 29, 2019; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper (19) during training camp at River Ridge Playing Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

On Saturday, it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys are planning to trade Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns. After both Stephen and Jerry Jones expressed their dissatisfaction with Cooper’s production given his high-paying contract, this move didn’t come as much of a surprise. The Cowboys are sending their No. 1 receiver to Cleveland in return for a 2022 fifth and sixth-round pick. Dallas is also giving up a sixth-round pick in the trade.

The consensus around the football world seemed to be that a star wide receiver like Cooper was worth far more than two late-round draft picks. While Cooper’s large cap hit of $20 million for 2022 certainly plays a factor in the Cowboys’ decision, some still feel what the team is getting in return for a top receiver is laughable. The deal is pending on a physical that should be done this week.

Many across the NFL landscape reacted to the trade. Let’s see what they had to say:

Dez Bryant, AJ Brown, and others in the NFL world react to Cowboys reportedly trading Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns

Let’s start with some current and former NFL players…

Cowboys legend Dez Bryant, who happens to be very active on Twitter, posted a simple, yet clear statement on the matter. Bryant wrote “Smh,” which means “shaking my head.” In other words, he’s shaking his head in disapproval at how ridiculous the trade is.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver AJ Brown was very clear in his thoughts. Brown also seems shocked that the Cowboys would trade “maybe the best route runner in the league” for such a small return. Brown was apparently also shaking his head.

Former Colts defensive back Darius Butler equated Cleveland to quite a bleak place. A gulag is a Russian convict camp. I guess Butler thinks that’s what it’s like to be sent to the Browns. Yikes.

Teammate and Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph seems unhappy about Cooper leaving Dallas. It feels like players knew it was possible but didn’t think it could actually happen.

Former NFL cornerback Charles James II said what a lot of people were thinking. It must suck for the receiver to head to a team that has the quarterback position incredibly up in the air.

Let’s see how others in the NFL world reacted to the news.

Marcus Mosher, a longtime Cowboys beat reporter, thinks the trade makes no sense at all. He also later mentioned that he thinks Cleveland isn’t the best fit for the receiver.

Reporter and former pro Bucky Brooks feels this trade was all about the Cowboys getting rid of Cooper. He points out that third day draft picks are almost never guys who will see the field right away. Trading potential future talent for a clear, present day talent doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Action Network came in with the joke memes. Essentially, the tweet is implying that neither of these teams are any good. He’s going from a bad situation to another bad one.

Barstool Sports took a low dig at the Browns. They posted the video of Antonio Brown quitting and exiting the field shirtless during the Bucs game against the New York Jets. The tweet implies that Cooper will be ready to do the same after trying to catch passes from Baker Mayfield for a few weeks.

Annie Agar, an NFL correspondent, posted a video of a dog wide open and ready for a ball. You then see the owner throw the ball no where near the pup. Agar believes this is what will happen to Cooper if he plays with Mayfield.

Overall, the buzz around the street is that the Browns lucked out and the Cowboys didn’t get nearly enough. While getting rid of the salary cap hit was a big part of it, it still feels the Cowboys got the short end of the stick here. We are certainly curious to know how Cooper feels.

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