Micah Parsons gets personal WrestleMania invite from WWE star

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Randy Orton enters the ring at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Randy Orton enters the ring at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /

Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons has become a celebrity for more than just his incredible defensive abilities. He already has several sponsorship deals. He has been interviewed by some of the biggest sports media broadcasters. And now, he has infiltrated himself into the WWE community.

After Parsons unanimously won Defensive Rookie of the Year at the NFL Honors, the WWE surprised him with a customized title belt in his honor. The rookie did a photoshoot outside of AT&T Stadium with the belt. While some initially just thought this was a ticket sale ploy since WrestleMania will be at the Cowboys’ home field in Arlington, TX, this year, the wrestling world seems to continue to want to get Parsons involved.

On Wednesday, WWE superstar Randy Orton sent out a personalized video to the Cowboy asking him to attend WrestleMania. For those of you who may not be quite so familiar with wrestling, Orton is commonly referred to as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. With nicknames like The Viper, The Legend Killer, and WWE’s Apex Predator, Orton has won 14 WWE World Heavyweight titles and two Royal Rumble matches. He’s a third-generation wrestler who is a staple in WWE’s Raw sector.

In the video, the wrestler congratulates Parsons on his award, his excellent season, and invites him to come experience WrestleMania. The rookie seemed to be thrilled and even asked to be tagged into the ring if needed. We really hope that happens, and we also feel sorry for whoever would have to face Parsons in the ring. There’s nothing staged about his strength.

Amidst all of the love from WWE, Randy Orton, and WrestleMania, a Twitter account leaked an adorable photo of a young Cowboys’ Micah Parsons in a wrestling uniform

Over his first year with the Cowboys, we have revealed several talents that go beyond Parsons’ linebacker abilities. Parsons was a star running back in high school. He won the Fastest Man contest at the Pro Bowl. And, he is apparently an incredible bowler who is looking for a bowling league to join.

Now, we are learning that there is a reason Parsons is so excited about this WWE connection. The Harrisburg native was actually a wrestler as a kid. A Twitter account tweeted a photo of a young Parsons in a wrestling uniform and the Cowboy actually retweeted it with a hilarious reply.


After the above photo surfaced, an Iowa Hawkeye wrestler named Spencer Lee retweeted a photo of him and Parsons as kids at a wrestling meet. Lee said the scariest thing about the Defensive Rookie of the Year is that he was an even better wrestler growing up.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Parsons would be an excellent wrestler, too. His wrestling background also likely helped his football tackling abilities. The rookie wrestled in high school and even expressed his desire to wrestle collegiately at Penn State. Given this kid can seriously do anything he puts his mind to, I hope Orton is prepared for Parsons to potentially steal his spotlight.

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