Troy Aikman’s Tom Brady tweet jokingly throws ‘retirement’ into question

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman had a storied NFL career. He won three Super Bowls, one Super Bowl MVP, went to six Pro Bowls, and is in the NFL Hall of Fame. But Aikman also knows that there are others who have had a profound impact on the game. Tom Brady is one of those players.

Brady confirmed his retirement decision on Tuesday by sharing a statement on his Instagram. The legendary quarterback, who will likely be considered the GOAT for many years to come, is stepping away from the game after 22 seasons. Careers as special as Brady’s are hard to come by. The QB holds the NFL record in nearly every statistical category.

Although they never played against each other, Aikman called many of Brady’s games in his time as a broadcaster. Aikman isn’t entirely the most active person on social media, but he decided to send his good wishes to the future Hall of Famer.

The best part is the very end. Aikman chooses to put the word retirement in quotation marks. Is he implying that Brady will decide to come back? What does this mean, Troy!?

Crazy stat compares Tom Brady in his 40s to Cowboys QB Troy Aikman’s entire Hall of Fame career

There’s no taking away from the fact that Aikman had a wonderful career, but there is a stat that has gone viral between the two quarterbacks that truly shows just how amazing Brady is. In his 40s (Brady is now 44), Brady had 168 touchdowns. Aikman, on the other hand, had 165 touchdowns in his entire career.

Let that sink in.

There’s no denying that the NFL today is far different from what it was when Aikman was in his prime, but those numbers are wild. Of course, Brady leads many statistical categories due to his longevity in the league. But this isn’t career stats. This is the difference between four years of Brady’s career (in his later age, by the way) and Aikman’s entire 12-year career.

Again, this isn’t said to diminish the former Cowboy’s career. It just goes to show how incredible Brady was, even in his final years. Brady isn’t eligible for the Hall of Fame until 2027, but he will no doubt be a unanimous choice.