Jerry Jones claims his big scheme was behind Dan Quinn extension

Last week, Dallas Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones talked to 105.3 The Fan to express his frustration about how things ended this season. At that time, there was still the large potential that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore could both be gone next season. Jones also chose not to cleanly confirm head coach Mike McCarthy’s future with the team.

Now, a week later, Jones scheduled himself an impromptu appearance with the radio station again. In other words, he was not scheduled to be on the radio but chose to go on anyway. Usually, when Jones does this it’s tactical and it’s because he wants to prove some kind of point. But this particular interview left most listeners confused.

For part of his interview, Jones talked about the decision to sign Quinn to a contract extension, announce early Friday. Jones said he feels Quinn will be there for years to come. The owner also bragged that he’s been able to keep many coordinators from head coaching jobs in the past (Sean Payton and Jason Garrett).

But things got bizarre when he essentially claimed that Quinn declined a coaching job elsewhere to stay with the Cowboys. Even though most probably assumed that Quinn came back due to the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos role being filled, Jones is saying he may have declined a role, but refused to open up on specifics.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claims Dan Quinn declined a head coaching job elsewhere to stay with Cowboys

When Jones was asked if he was saying that Quinn was offered a job and declined it because the owner convinced him to say, Jones said “I believe that very much.”

Here’s where the power trip comes in. Jones says that Quinn staying with the team is a testament to Mike McCarthy (the head coach whose future Jones refused to confirm just a week ago) and to the organization. When asked if he will share what job Quinn may have declined, Jones got on his high horse once again:

“No. And by the way, you will never know. The only person that would know, like in our particular case… the only one who would have known who was going to get it if he was still available would be me. I’m the only one that would know that.”

I’m sorry, Jerry. Wouldn’t Quinn know? Wouldn’t the team whose job he declined know? If you watch the video of the interview above you can even see the puzzled reaction from the broadcasters.

But Jones went on to dig himself further into the hole he’s made. He claimed that the reason he refused to confirm McCarthy’s future with the team last week was to get Quinn to stay. Why would that make Quinn want to stay, when it would be evident just a few days later that McCarthy would be back for 2022? And… if that’s true… and Moore is still technically available for positions, why wouldn’t you want to wait until Moore confirms his future with the Cowboys? Jones also claimed he believes the OC will be back next year as well, even though Moore has a second interview with the Dolphins next week.

The entirety of the interview left Cowboys reporters and listeners confused and frustrated. Refusing to give your head coach a sense of job security in order to keep your defensive coordinator doesn’t seem like a smart move. It seems like a power trip.