Watch Cowboys fan Shaquille O’Neal pay up after losing bet

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is many things. He’s a TV analyst, a Hall of Famer, a DJ, and the spokesperson for almost every commercial. But, he’s also a big Dallas Cowboys fan. As many fans do, Shaq made a bet with someone on the opposing team’s side before his squad’s playoff showdown.

Anthony “Spice” Adams, a podcast host and former defensive tackle for the 49ers, made a bet with Shaq about who would win the Wild Card game. Obviously, Shaq lost.

The punishment was to get a wig put on his head and to sing an original song on Adams’ podcast. Needless to say, the gray curly wig barely moved from his normally bald head and Adams continually taunted him throughout.

O’Neal shook his head and said, “I just thought this was our year.”

Cowboys fan Shaquille O’Neal has to pay up after losing a bet to former 49ers DT Anthony Adams

Stars! They’re just like us! Along with many faithful Cowboys fans, Shaq had confidence in a team that went 12-5 and had an outstanding roster. Unfortunately, like us, he had to watch them make mistake after mistake against the San Francisco 49ers and blow a game that they could’ve won in the second half.

The 49ers and Cowboys already had a historic playoff rivalry from many years back, so I am sure that added to the reason why Adams wanted to challenge his friend Shaq. Although the outcome of this game was not the one Dallas wanted, it still was a wild contest that will be remembered for many years to come thanks to its crazy ending.

We sympathize with the NBA legend. Feeling the shame of your team losing a game is hard enough. Losing a bet is a whole other situation. There’s nothing more upsetting than when your team lets you down. And as a Cowboys fan, Shaq has experienced that many times in his life. Us too, big guy. Us too.