3 underrated Dallas Cowboys defenders in 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys defense is performing way above their expectations heading into the season. Through 16 weeks of play, the Dallas defense has 33 takeaways, which ranks No. 1 in the league. In 2020, they only had 23 takeaways for the entire season.

A drastic change like this does not happen overnight, so where can all the praise be sent? Well, first-year defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has had a lot to do with it. Ever since Quinn arrived in Dallas, he has made a huge impact on the team, specifically players like Micah Parsons.

Now, Parsons has been a revelation for the Cowboys and is performing at a potential All-Pro level. He leads all rookies in sacks with 13 and has played all over, including cornerback. Parsons knows Quinn has had an impact on his career, too.

Quinn and Parsons are just two of the many obvious reasons why the Cowboys are playing like a top-ten defense right now. However, other players are deserving of more credit than they are getting. Here are three defenders that are underrated for the 2021 season.

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