Was the Cowboys offense more ominous than defense was dominant vs WFT?

Demarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Demarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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123. 20. 58. Final. 27

The Dallas Cowboys went into Washington and won 27-20, nearly matching my prediction of 27-17. Winning, and nothing more, needs to be talked about before we dive in. Guys, we are 9-4. Every year the number in the W-L column is what it always comes down to. Yes, there are some things that concern me, and I will dive into those. But let’s ground ourselves for just one minute.

We have gotten to enjoy nine different wins that have come in a multitude of ways. I don’t have to have my phone blown up by friends and family every time the Cowboys lose or blow a lead (believe me, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree in the fourth quarter on Sunday). The Cowboys have a three-game lead on the NFC East with only four to play. None of us can be too mad at that. We all would have taken that if told preseason.

Okay, time for the meat and potatoes. We have to look at each week: win or loss. I think there is some reassurance to be had. I did a bit more of an analytical deep dive than normal and have an interesting stat you may want to check out. I think you may find that the Cowboys’ offensive struggles aren’t quite as bad as we thought. Don’t push the panic button quite yet. This one might garner some thoughts and I can’t wait to chat it up with you guys in the comments.