Cowboys’ Randy Gregory sums up dominance with brief postgame comment

The Dallas Cowboys defense made Landover, MD their home turf in more ways than one on Sunday afternoon, taking a crucial, must-win rivalry game and turning it into a laugher by halftime.

Technically, this one got somewhat tight in the final five minutes, but Dallas’ force-of-nature defense ultimately prevailed.

These games aren’t played on paper, sure, but the paper version of this game did project a massive defensive line advantage for Dallas, considering Washington planned to play without Chase Young and Montez Sweat, then ultimately lost their third-most-experience pass rusher, too. Ultimately, once the rubber hit the road, the lions ate in much the same fashion they were predicted to. Micah Parsons lost his gourd and was all over the field, even sprinting 30 yards downfield at one point and nearly coming up with an inexplicable pick.

And, as expected, Randy Gregory and Neville Gallimore completed the Cowboys’ NASCAR Package, creating unexpected havoc and entirely expected mismatches thanks to their power and precision.

When this one was over, Gregory perhaps summed it up best in the tunnel with the briefest possible comment.

Same comment as last week against the Saints, same result.

Cowboys star Randy Gregory’s postgame message? “Bing Bong.”

The worst thing to ever happen to New York sports, perhaps, is, “Bing Bong.” It began as the New York Knicks’ subway-inspired rallying cry, but quickly became the phrase every opposing team that beat the Knicks used as a clapback in their postgame victory tweets.

Now, it’s also become an all-purpose suffix for everyone. It’s both used against New York, and used in favor of everyone else. Pretty cool.

Clearly, Gregory thinks it sums up the defense’s all-consuming effort. What else is there to say after such thorough domination?

Or, perhaps…he’s warning the New York Giants about what’s coming next week. Thanks to the Knicks, every single New York sports team has to fear getting Bing Bong’d these days. Next week’s Gregory Bing Bong will probably be the most charged and vicious of all.