Dallas Cowboys: All is well with America’s Team after definitive win

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

43. 123. Final. 3. 44

It was just a week ago that many analysts, pundits, and fans were worried that the Dallas Cowboys were a fluke this season. That they were exposed in an abysmal game in which they lost and got embarrassed by the Denver Broncos. Isn’t it incredible what a difference a week makes?

Great teams know that when you get routed as the Cowboys did in Week 9, you head back to work the very next day and fix what needs to be fixed. You take a look at all the areas of opportunity, correct them, and focus on the next opponent without dwelling on such a terrible defeat.

Nobody should expect the Cowboys to win every single football game as yeah, what happened last week can and will happen to any team. As it’s been evident across the NFL, a lot of great teams have been getting routed as well. It happens and again, great teams know that these things should not derail you, all is not lost, and you do whatever it takes to get back in the right direction.

The Dallas Cowboys are back on track after a definitive win in Week 10

Such is the case for the Cowboys that dropped a definitive 43-3 win over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 10 to silence the naysayers. When everything is clicking for the Cowboys, these are the things they’re capable of doing week in, week out.

The Cowboys do indeed have a high-scoring offense, a stout defense, and make big plays when it comes to special teams. They’ve been consistent for the most part this season but to keep it real, the Cowboys should have definitely defeated the Falcons on paper.

To see them not only have a definitive win but be so aggressive in every aspect of the game was easily a huge boost of confidence to a team that definitely needed it after their Week 9 embarrassment. For now, all is well with America’s Team as it’s important to celebrate big wins like this where everything was executed well and eventually, move on to their next game which will actually be a huge test for this team.

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Next up in Week 11 are the Kansas City Chiefs and they’ve been inconsistent, to say the least so far this season. Both teams are heading into this matchup with big Week 10 wins and will have much to play for. If the Cowboys continue playing the way they know they are capable of and are able to beat the Chiefs on the road, it’s going to paint quite the picture for this team as they head into December ready to make that final push into the NFL Playoffs.