Falcons vs Cowboys Week 10: History, players to watch, gut prediction

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Dallas Cowboys
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Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys Weather Outlook

Location: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Stadium Type: Retractable dome, turf

Predicted Forecast: High of 71, low of 46, mostly sunny and beautiful, winds of 6-7mph, with gusts up to 8-9mph

I usually like to go the route of having a little fun in this segment, but that doesn’t feel appropriate nor the right time for it after last weekend. There is a real issue going on at AT&T Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys do not have much of a home-field advantage.

The Cowboys players and coaches each recognized the overwhelming amount of orange in stands last Sunday and the chants echoing throughout the stadium. In a league where it is already hard enough to win, hearing the opponent’s name chanted in your home stadium only adds another layer of difficulty to navigate.

We stay the course with the turf, the roof and windows likely being open, and another week of eliminating any weather questions. As it stands now, Cowboys fans need to figure out a way to get more involved in these home games.

That starts with fans turning their trips to AT&T Stadium from tourist events into an active fan experience rooting on the Cowboys. This all ties into the fanbase growing their football IQ and knowing when to get things going. It may not seem big, but every little thing matters in this league.