Why the Dallas Cowboys cannot separate these two men

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Dallas Cowboys: Why the change?

Last year I talked about Moore becoming the next coaching guru to leave but I believe the situation in Dallas couldn’t be a more perfect spot. First, to those who do not think Moore is ready to be a head coach, the reason we are having this conversation is that other teams, both college and in the NFL, have or are ready to make him their leading man. Whether he is ready or not, his opportunity has arrived.

Second, Moore has now been under the tutelage of two very different head coaches so he can probably take what he has learned and develop his own philosophy. Learning what not to do is a very underrated skill.

Third, the Cowboys front office envisioned former head coach Jason Garrett as a person with who they would grow and learn together. Garrett was a couple of months shy of his 45th birthday when he officially became head coach of the Cowboys and like McCarthy now, questions about their decision makings still make headlines.

Lastly but most importantly, the relationship and growth of both of these men have reached a point where it would almost be criminal to separate these guys. Moore will likely get a head coaching interview and Prescott is an elite quarterback who could win the MVP this year. That type of growth should be nurtured and not broken up.

If mistakes are going to be a problem no matter who is in charge, why not grow the franchise with a young gun and keep the continuity going in hopes of starting a dynasty. Yes, I said dynasty which might be a little premature but I am tired of taking the high road as a Cowboys fan.

Some Cowboys fans have refrained from speaking their mind because the past 26 years have taught us something bad was just right around the corner. ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith has made a living bashing Cowboy fans and I am over this narrative.

Last season, the Cowboys were ridiculed to no end even though the team was decimated by injuries. The rest of the NFL has no problem bashing the Cowboys so the time has come for Cowboys fans to take the advice of offensive lineman Isaac Alarcon and “Be Brave” when talking about America’s Team.

My father rooted for Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and backing down was never an option. I rooted for Troy Aikman and talked along the way. The intent is for my sons to root for Dak Prescott without being afraid of the repercussions of their outspoken statements and Kellen Moore is a big reason for this. Not every team is under the microscope like this franchise and I think everyone can feel how different this team is.