Adam Archuleta considers Dallas Cowboys as a great measuring stick

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

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Let’s face it, at this point in time of the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys are confirmed contenders. They have silenced all their critics and naysayers by playing some fundamental football that has earned them a 4-1 record and already being labeled kings of the NFC East.

The Cowboys are now considered to be one of those teams that if you are able to actually beat, means a lot in the grand scheme of things. Such is the case for the next date on the Cowboys’ agenda, the New England Patriots.

These are no longer the dominating and feared Patriots of the past but a team that is clearly rebuilding for the future. It’s hard to believe that for so long now, over two decades deep, the Patriots were the team to beat and were a force to reckon with on game day. These days, the tables have turned and the Patriots are on the outside looking in.

Adam Archuleta believes the Dallas Cowboys are a great measuring stick against Patriots

Even CBS analyst Adam Archuleta knows that the Cowboys are red hot right now and taking the NFL by storm. In an article by CBS Sports, here’s what Archuleta had to say what the Patriots will be facing in Week 6 action on Sunday:

"The short answer is that the Patriots absolutely need to win this game in order to keep pace with Buffalo in the AFC East. It’s going to be a hard division to win and the Patriots’ quarterback situation isn’t as settled as Dallas or Buffalo or LA or Baltimore. They have a young guy trying to figure out his way.  Mac Jones is a rookie, learning the ropes and it has not been a forgiving year for rookie quarterbacks this year in the NFL. This game will be a great measuring stick going up against a hot Dallas team."

Archuleta hit the nail right on the head. This Week 6 matchup is more of if the Patriots can even keep up with the Cowboys and not the other way around as it’s been the case for a very long time now. Considering the Patriots have pretty much owned America’s Team in the past, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally have that kind of respect put on the Cowboys’ name.

If the Cowboys can once again take care of business over the Patriots, it’ll be adding more to the narrative of the team so far this season. You know, that on paper, the Cowboys should be winning these kinds of games because they’re stacked with tons of talent all across the roster.

The Cowboys need to beat inferior teams and well, the Patriots are clearly going through a tough transition that labels them as such. It’s now to the point that it truly boils down to if the Patriots can beat a playoff-contending team as the underdogs this time around.

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It’s about time to see a better, younger, and more proficient team take that spotlight away from the Patriots that have held it for so long change hands. These Cowboys are for real and the scary part is, they’re just getting started.