Cowboys vs Patriots Week 6: History, player to watch, gut prediction

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Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys
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New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys Weather Outlook

Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA

Stadium Type: Open stadium, turf

Predicted Forecast: High of 64, low of 48, mostly sunny, winds of 7-8mph with gusts up to 10-11mph

Welcome. We have made it. The Cowboys finally head outdoors for a game and we get to talk a little weather. Okay, now that all of your long-awaited excitement is over, this weather forecast is about the most perfect one you could ask for to play a football game in. We’ll get a late-fall chill in the air, sunny, and not much wind coming into play.

Gillette Stadium has a turf playing surface that shouldn’t come into play on Sunday in really any effect. The wind could potentially have a slight impact on field goals,  but not one I see determining too large of a factor unless the kick is from 50+ yards, which I hope the Cowboys avoid by continuing to drive the ball and be aggressive on fourth downs.

This weather suits the Cowboys’ offense beautifully leaving the door wide open for their multiple attacks on the ground and through the air. The field should be dry allowing the running backs and receivers should be able to do what they want. The flipside of that is the Patriots’ offense also gets the same weather, but I think the Cowboys see more benefit from this.

This is a stark contrast from the Cowboys’ last visit to Foxborough when the temperature was in the low-40s with constant rain. This is a welcome sight for both teams and the fans in attendance, which may be one of the louder away crowds the Cowboys will be seeing up to this point in the season. The Patriots fans deserve some kudos as they can get things rocking, but I think the Cowboys’ offensive efficiency could deflate that balloon quickly.