Dallas Cowboys Week 3: The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys: The ugly

In Week 1, Dallas was trailing Tampa Bay 21-16 with 1:18 left before halftime. With all three timeouts in their pocket, they threw the ball on all three downs. They ended up electing to go for a 60-yard field goal attempt which, when missed, gave the Bucs the ball back at midfield with time on the clock. Not one time out was ever used, nor was a running play ever called. Both would have almost certainly drained all of the time off the clock and produced a much closer field goal attempt.

In Week 2, the Cowboys had one timeout with 0:33 left in a tie game. They elected to run the ball from the 41-yard line before letting the clock run all the way down before using their last time out with four seconds. This time, it was a 56-yard field goal attempt that, thankfully, was made.

Monday night, Dallas had all three timeouts with 1:55 left before halftime. The Eagles had 2nd & 31 from their own 25-yard line. A short pass gained them just seven yards and took nine seconds off the clock. The Cowboys did not call a timeout. On third down, the Eagles thew again, producing a 4th and 5 with 1:02 left near midfield. Yet again, Dallas does not call timeout. The Cowboys ended up taking a knee and a 20-7 lead into the half.

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If you’re scoring at home, that is three straight weeks with three mind-boggling terrible time management issues. These are simple things that will end up costing this team at some point, most likely at the most inopportune of times unless it is fixed immediately. As a very famous head coach once said, we’re on to Carolina. Hopefully, the wins continue but regardless, we’ll be back with another good, bad, and ugly for Week 4.