Dallas Cowboys: Is Mike McCarthy’s clock management an omen?

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Dallas Cowboys: Those Moments?

For example, there is this moment nearing the half of Monday night’s win over Philly. Though the Cowboys were up and in control, you never opportunity out there.

In this case and with the chance to get the ball back with a minute or so, likely 1:20 or greater before the half, you do what you can to get the ball back. Peyton Manning, calling the game on ESPN’s now-famous Manning-Cast, was visibly distraught at the move.


When you are playing football and you have a good team, you don’t play games not to lose themyou play games to win them. In moments like this and the moment leading to the game-winning field goal in last week’s win over the Los Angeles Chargers, McCarthy is coaching like a guy that is trying not to lose the game.

When you are in control, you don’t concern yourself with the other team’s line of thinking. You do what you have to do in order to give yourself and your team the best chance at winning. Mike McCarthy’s clock management in the last two weeks has not reflected that. Hopefully, it’s not a bad omen of things to come.

The Cowboys look as though they have a chance to really do something special this season… the most special thing in pro football even if they can keep things together. However, if McCarthy continues to manage things as he has, that will be one of the things that end up costing them big-time.

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Hopefully, he can get it together, although it has been an issue throughout much of his past. If he can, they could shake things up at a peak level in only the best of ways… meaning, playing in February even. If he proves to remain the same, well, that’s just it. It’ll be more of the same from the last 30 or so odd years.