Dallas Cowboys: What kind of defensive line options do they have now?

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Dallas Cowboys: In-house options

Even with all of their options, the most likely scenario is the Cowboys will stand pat and go with the guys that are in their room. I know it is not a sexy thing to do but it is something we are accustomed to seeing this team do.

From my perch, no team values the time and effort their coaching staff gives under-the-radar players more than the Cowboys and I expect this team to continue to try and ice skate uphill. That is why everyone should get used to seeing more Dorance Armstrong, Bradlee Anae, and possibly Azur Kamara. If this defensive line generates zero pressure yet the Cowboys win, I can definitely see the team moving forward as if nothing happened.

If they lose and this area is a problem, expect the team to go out and get a name we have all probably forgotten and hope he can help with this pass rush. It’s just the way this team does business.

I can see a scenario where rookie Micah Parsons is used as a pass rusher but I’m sure that is not ideal. Parsons occasionally rushing is good. Parsons used primarily as a pass rusher is a great way to ruin young NFL players. I will say if anyone can do it, Parson might be one of the select few.

Hot. Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith’s 30 snaps. light

Let’s get real, the Cowboys have lucked into their best defensive players in the draft so sending picks for what looks like a sure thing is better than more hope. I would be more than happy to try and acquire a big name with big production like Chandler Jones but the Cowboys built this team on hope and it appears we are going to hope together as this young season is starting to unravel fast once again.