5 Cowboys veterans who could be left off the final roster

Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys defensive back C.J. Goodwin (29) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

C.J. Goodwin, CB

There are multiple battles going on so being a specialist has its perks. Many people have special teams ace C.J. Goodwin as a lock to make this roster and although it is probably true, I think it is a mistake.

I have nothing against Goodwin but I would rather keep a player at a more questionable position group than I would a special teams ace. That is quite a statement because I often think NFL teams neglect special team’s play.

If Goodwin could play defensive back a little bit better, I would have no objection to the team keeping him. I cannot construct a team and have a guy that just gives max effort on special teams’ play.

I am just getting used to teams having a player who does nothing but long snaps. I am used to having backup linemen snapping the ball rather than these specialists so it is no surprise I would move on from Goodwin. Yes, I know most teams have a primary long snapper that does nothing else but a backup interior lineman that can long snap is so appealing to me.

C.J. Goodwin the past few years in Dallas was necessary as there weren’t many cornerbacks that could push him off of the team. His roster spot was secure because the talent drop-off wasn’t that wide in the backup cornerback department.

This team has a lot of young guys that I would definitely keep as the unknown hope is more appealing at this point than a known commodity in C.J. Goodwin.

C.J Goodwin signed a two-year $3.5 million deal with $2 million guaranteed. Releasing him now would give the Cowboys $400K in dead money but nets the team $1.2 million in cap space. Some might argue he is worth the money which he is, I just would rather have more realistic options at cornerback than I would a primary special teams performer.

As difficult as this may be to some out there, I believe this team has enough special teams contributors at other positions that would lessen the special team blow by releasing Goodwin.