Initial thoughts on the first week of Dallas Cowboys camp

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Initial Thoughts on Cowboys camp – The Offense Continued

A slimmer Ezekiel Elliott has shown up in the passing game. That seam route had the defense confused and if that’s what they are allowing to show opponents, I can only imagine what new items the playbook contains.

There were plays where Zeke and Tony Pollard were in the backfield together. The possibilities are endless.

My initial reaction on offense is simple. Dak Prescott has a top-tier offensive line in front of him and his weapon arsenal is ridiculous. I have always felt the team should stay in its 11 personnel package which consists of one running back, one tight end, and three receivers yet there is another formation that could be just as deadly.

The Dallas Cowboys can also run 12 personnel or two receivers, one running back, and two tight ends that would be just as difficult to defend. Play-action passing from either of those formations is going to be extremely difficult for any defense to match up against.

Speaking of defense, there remains plenty of questions still to be answered. My initial reaction to what I saw on the field is this team is very long and very fast. Those initial thoughts are not hard to see but what really impresses me is it feels like this defense is hungry.

Imagine getting to a team and all you hear is how bad the experts are predicting you to be. The natural reaction would be to try and prove them wrong and it looks like this Dan Quinn-led defense is doing exactly that.

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The influx of talent and hunger are dangerous terms for opposing teams. This defense will make some mistakes that will anger fans but the arrow is starting to point up for this unit. That is a lot to process after just the first week of camp. Stay tuned as the Dallas Cowboys have just only begun.