Projected front runners on offense to make the Cowboys 53-man roster

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp banner Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp banner Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The final 53-man roster is far from set. But here’s a pre-training camp guess on who and how the Dallas Cowboys will construct their team come early September. And I’ve come up with a two-part series that breaks down who I think will be on the final roster. Let’s start on offense.

There are a few spots on offense that I had some difficulty but this side of the ball was surprisingly easier than I imagined. There could always be the shocking cut that most of us don’t expect but I would imagine there aren’t going to be many surprises come cutdown day from this side of the ball.

This two-part series was broken down as cleanly as possible. I have 25 players on offense, 25 players on defense with three specialists rounding out the 53.

I added the specialist to the offense as the defense is much more complicated and will take more time to comb through.

The offense is surprisingly deeper than most realize and there will only be a handful of surprises when going through this list. There will be some personal controversies as pet cats always come into play.

I am always hopeful to see a newcomer come in and compete as that is the true definition of a diamond in the rough. There are a couple of players that I have scattered throughout the roster that I think could make some noise that some aren’t necessarily beating the drum for at the moment.

That is what makes this exciting. I have a vision in my head of who I think will be part of the 2021 Dallas Cowboys and yet I am hopeful that I am wrong in some areas. Some of these no-name guys just need a chance.  Players that go out and compete every day and make the coaches stand up for them come final cutdown day are the cinderella stories I am here for.

The Dallas Cowboys cannot go off of name alone when constructing their roster. The time has come for the camp process to be a legitimate competition amongst all the players, not just those who carry a household name.