Will any Dallas Cowboys player receive the coveted 99 Madden grade?

Photo illustration an EA Sports logo (Photo Illustration by Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Photo illustration an EA Sports logo (Photo Illustration by Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /
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Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys
Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

98. <strong>Slightly Low</strong>. OG. Dallas Cowboys. ZACK MARTIN

Zack Martin is easily the highest-rated Dallas Cowboys player and I believe it is time the good folks at EA made the leap and recognize the best big man in the game today. Whenever Zack Martin hangs them up, he will walk into the Hall of Fame.

The funny thing about this is Zack Martin probably doesn’t care where he is rated yet him breaking through to the 99 Madden rating would open up a few more eyes and show the world that offensive lineman can be dominant at their position also.

There are so many good offensive linemen right now but Martin is the clear-cut favorite to become the first 99 Madden-rated offensive linemen. Martin currently sits as the highest-rated offensive lineman by at least two points yet I believe he should be unveiled as a 99 rated player.

Joining the 99 club opens up the minds of the youth and gives them something to achieve. I can already imagine the story of a young lineman who never paid much attention to Madden rankings but made it a goal to join Zack Martin in the 99 club after he was selected.

NFL fans glorify those who score or throw the touchdown but lineman are often an afterthought during the whole process. We have made leaps and bounds crediting those individuals upfront who made the play possible and now is the time for EA to finally reward them.

Martin in the 99 club makes him a symbol that gives players of all ages the credibility needed to be proud of the position they play.

As a former youth coach, kids currently playing in the interior of the line often get forgotten or disinterested as the reality of most of them realizing that they will probably never become a skill position player is tough to get over. Everyone wants to throw, catch, or run the game-winning score while there is very little reward in blocking.

Martin earning the spot has clearly not been enough to convince those who adjust the game to add him into their top rankings so it is now up to Cowboys Nation to help get Zack Martin to the 99 train going.

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I have interest in the upcoming Madden ratings but the one I want to see most is Zack Martin joining the 99 Madden club. Let’s make it happen EA.