Will any Dallas Cowboys player receive the coveted 99 Madden grade?

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Photo illustration an EA Sports logo (Photo Illustration by Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /
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<strong>Way Too Low</strong>. QB. Dallas Cowboys. DAK PRESCOTT. 87

I still think the fan base is just as split now as when Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott kept the job over Tony Romo his rookie season. A divided fan base is probably a big reason why Dak Prescott is rated lower than he should be.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was drafted with concerns about his accuracy. After an uneventful rookie year, Allen exploded onto the scene in his third year and is probably going to come close to the upcoming 99 Madden rating.

Dak Prescott arguably had the greatest rookie season a quarterback has ever had in the NFL yet he was rated a paltry 71 entering his second season by Madden. That rating is lower than injured incoming Miami rookie Tua Tagoviola (73) last season.

Dak Prescott’s upcoming Madden rating is going to be very interesting to see after he ended the year with the 32nd most passing yards yet only played in five games. Dak threw for more yards than Chicago’s Nick Foles and San Francisco’s Jimmy Garrapalo.

In case you forgot, Dak also became the first player in NFL history with three straight 450 plus passing yards in three consecutive games. Dak was on pace for almost 6,000 passing yards. That is an astronomical number considering only eight men have thrown for 5,000 yards in a season with Drew Brees as the lone person to do this more than once by accomplishing this feat five times.

I think the guys at EA should really consider giving Dak Prescott a jump in ratings. With a 17th game now on the docket, Dak Prescott could possibly become the first person to eclipse the 6,000-yard mark but will almost certainly hit the 5,000-yard mark if he stays healthy all year long. Dak already has the 21st most single-season passing yards in an NFL season which was just one yard shy of Tony Romo’s Cowboys club record.

Last season, Madden ranked Dak behind seven other quarterbacks one of which included Josh Allen who was coming off of a 3,089 passing year throwing for 20 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

In the same year, Dak threw for 4,902 yards while tossing 30 touchdowns with 11 interceptions yet was ranked lower than Allen. That means Dak threw for 1,813 more passing yards and 10 more touchdowns than Allen yet was ranked lower.

Dak had a completion percentage of 65.1% in 2019 while the accuracy issues Allen had in college still showed in his second season completing only 58.8% of his passes. Dak had more passing yards that year than Allen had this past season yet Allen was seen as an MVP candidate this season while Dak was crucified by fans and foes the previous year.

For comparison, Dak had a 67.8% completion percentage his rookie year and has never gone below 62.9%. Allen had an outstanding year this past season posting a 69.2% completion percentage but that is the only time he has broken the 60% completion barrier in his career. Dak had completed 68.0% of his passes in 2020 through five games before his injury.

Dak Prescott was set to break league records before his injury. I believe it is time to give some respect to Dak Prescott.