Four ways the Dallas Cowboys can gain home field advantage

AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones once talked about how ridiculous of a check he would write in order for the Dallas Cowboys to secure another Super Bowl Victory. The Star in Frisco was an attempt by Jones to try and retract a previous deal he made with the Lord himself.

If Jerry Jones does indeed want to spend money to try and have his team gain a competitive advantage, he should start with additions to AT&T Stadium.

For those of you who have been to a Cowboys game in Arlington, it is hard to look at anything other than the gigantic scoreboard above the playing field. If you look even further up, the infamous hole in the stadium was carried over from Texas Stadium but there is something that stood out.

The ceiling of the stadium is just an open set of rafters that I’m sure carries some sort of weight-bearing structural support but it looks to be a bit of an eyesore. You wouldn’t build a house yet leave the ceiling exposed for everyone to see so it is surprising to see Jerry Jones left this detail to chance.

The Seattle Seahawks designed their stadium with materials that trap crowd noise in the facility. What if Jerry Jones and company had someone design a ceiling that first covers up those awful exposed beams but second, reflects crowd noise back onto the field.

The ceiling in this gigantic but soft-spoken stadium would have a competitive purpose rather than absorption of the current voice.

This feels like an obvious thing to do so I looked up why the exposed ceiling? I thought it might be an homage to Texas stadium as that place also had the same exposed ceiling yet I could not find a correlation.

Even if Jerry Jones did not decide to do anything other than changing the ceiling, those mild-mannered fans at AT&T Stadium would have just a bit more gusto whenever they did cheer.

I feel like MLB teams often build their bullpen area with an echo to give incoming pitchers that satisfying noise when the ball hits a leather glove. This gives them the illusion that they are throwing the ball harder without putting so much effort into the pitch raising confidence.  I wonder if fans can hear their own roar, would that lead to an increased desire to cheer louder and increase decibel levels?

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The product on the field has been up and down but that shouldn’t mean the stadium noise should fluctuate also. The time has come for people to not only know Dallas as America’s Team but a hostile stadium that teams have to take extra time to prepare for.