Michael Gallup wants to remain with the Cowboys, but can he?

Michael Gallup, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)
Michael Gallup, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports) /

Michael Gallup will be a hot name during the season and offseason for the Dallas Cowboys

To become a competitive team in the NFL, you must field a superior team offensively and defensively. With the jaw-dropping group of wideouts the Dallas Cowboys have, they more than cover the offensive side.

Since being drafted in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft, wide receiver Michael Gallup has become an impact player for the Cowboys. He never got the opportunity to shine as a number one option but caught eyes as a secondary one.

The 25-year-old wants to remain in Dallas, but it does not look like his wish will come true. His rookie contract will expire this offseason, and the team does not have much cap flexibility, and they already boast a loaded group of receivers.

The only accolade Gallup has in the NFL is a 1,000-yard season back in 2019. That as the number two wide receiver on the team is impressive.

Making catches for a long gain or tip-toeing along the sidelines has become his trademark. So much that quarterback Dak Prescott repeatedly throws him the ball in those situations.

Despite the wideout’s success, it might not be enough to convince owner Jerry Jones that he should stick around. That is even though he expressed his desire to remain with the team on the NFL Network show “Good Morning Football” recently.

Between Gallup, 2020 first-round pick CeeDee Lamb, and five-time 1,000-yard receiver Amari Cooper, each player can only get the ball so much. That’s not to mention their piece of the salary cap.

More money, more problems

According to Over the Cap, the Dallas Cowboys are almost $20 million over the salary cap. That is with a $208.2 million cap. With how confusing things have been during the pandemic, that number can increase or decrease.

The tightrope means owner Jerry Jones doesn’t have much room to fit Michael Gallup into the team’s payroll. That is unless the Colorado State product proves he deserves a spot on the team despite the circumstances.

There might not be too much hope with that route, considering the talent on the team. Cooper has been one of the more underrated players in the NFL, and Lamb is heading into his sophomore season with a lot of momentum.

The likelihood Gallup earns a spot on the Dallas Cowboys next season is slim to none. It’s not that he is not good enough, but rather the opposite. The wideout is too good for Jerry to re-sign him.

The New York Jets signed Corey Davis to a three-year deal averaging $12.5 million per season. Gallup averages 2.3 more receiving yards and 0.1 more touchdowns, but 0.3 fewer receptions per game. With that in mind, the Cowboy can fetch a similar deal on the free-agent market, if not more.

Not only do the Cowboys need to make space to get under the cap, but they need room to sign their rookies and figure out how to handle possible holes at left guard and safety. There’s not enough room to keep everyone.

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Instead of staying with the Dallas Cowboys, the wideout will likely sign a comfortable contract elsewhere. That is unless he takes a hefty pay cut to remain a Cowboy.

The odds are not in his favor. Michael Gallup was a great third-round pick but can not stay with the team. As much as Jerry Jones would love to keep him around, the salary cap will force his hand.