Cowboys have enough WR issues without Julio Jones noise

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys are no strangers to being in the limelight, the feature story of the hour or the news cycle, and specifically the case here, at the top of the rumor mill. If it’s been stated a thousand times, here alone, it’s still never stated enough.

Whenever a big-name player becomes available, is looking to become available, or is the slightest hint of being disgruntled, then that player will, inevitably, become linked to the Dallas Cowboys. The same is true in this case.

With the long-time marriage between All-Time star wide receiver, Julio Jones, and his forever team since being drafted, the Atlanta Falcons, looking as though it’s coming to an end, Dallas finds their name being mentioned as a potential destination. While there have been no solid declarations from the Cowboys, there is a slight connection.

Though this may be nothing to entice him to come, new Cowboys defensive coordinator is his former head coach, Dan Quinn. It’s probably not that enticing being that this was the same head coach that had the worst blunder in Super Bowl history, you know, being up 28-3 late in the third period of the Big Game and losing it.

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in the midst of the Julio Jones rumors, but they have wideout issues of their own to sort out.

Those may not be the memories that Julio wants to relive. Then you have Julio’s side.

Well, there is no clear indication. Though a lot of people are taking it that he doesn’t want to come to Dallas, based on the same conversation with Shannon Sharpe where he probably revealed that he officially no longer wants to be in Atlanta, he didn’t necessarily say that.

That’s neither here nor there though, as here’s the biggest part of it all. The Dallas Cowboys have their own in-house wide receiver issues to sort through before taking on a new one in Julio Jones.

Though none of the guys they have are Julio Jones, they recently gave Amari Cooper a new deal, for which they could get from up under following this season if they chose to. It may be a thought to be had too.

While the Cowboys played musical chairs at quarterback last season, Cooper had a down year and with what some would call manageable quarterback play for a guy of his ilk, contract-wise and from a talent perspective. Do they want to hold on to him following the year, paying out the rest of his $60 Million owed dollars?

Michael Gallup is entering the final year of his contract with the Cowboys. Though the third receiver now, he excels in his role as a vertical threat and has only seemingly gotten better every year.

Will the Cowboys try to hold on to him, as he has seemingly had a decent role in Dak’s development thus far? Though it doesn’t seem necessary to continue to facilitate Dak’s growth,it’s definitely a necessary question to ask.

CeeDee Lamb is a second-year guy, so there are really no financial questions to ask about him, yet. In fact and with his penchant for operating out of the slot though, getting Julio might be a great thing for him.

That’s actually a different topic though. So, while landing Julio might be an option, the Cowboys would have a ton of work to do before making it happen.

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They could solve multiple issues by, potentially, moving one of their current guys for Julio or something of that nature, however, nothing is certain. What’s certain is that without the Julio Jones rumors and noise, they have enough wide receiver related issues to work out on their own already.