Dak Prescott separates Dallas Cowboys from rest of NFC East

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4)(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4)(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys seem whole again. Well, at least as whole as they have been in the last year or so. With a very good draft behind them, one that saw them fill quite a few needs, you can now start to look and see how things might shake out during the season.

While everyone has to make it through the necessary rigors leading up to a season in good health, providing that they do, the Cowboys have something that the rest of their division doesn’t. The Cowboys have a franchise guy at signal-caller, for certain, while the rest … don’t. That’s just it though.

Dak Prescott is what separates the Cowboys. He’s the difference, at the moment, when trying to project for the NFC East.

The Dallas Cowboys have a leg up on the rest of the division, they have their ‘franchise’ guy running the team already.

When you look around the division, there are some guys who could hurt you. That’s just being fair but to also be fair, Dak is the best of the bunch.

When looking at Washington, Ryan Fitzpatrick will probably be their starting guy, at least to start the year. The thing about Fitzy is this.

He will win you about eight game or so for certain, four or five of them because of something great that he did. Then, though, you have another four or five games where he almost loses it for you, if not completely loses it with a crucial mistake or really bad pick.

As far as the remaining four games or so, now a 17 game NFL regular season, those are probably losses for your team. He has had years where he, kind of, bucked the trend, but that’s typically the nature of things with Fitzpatrick as the signal-caller.

When you look at Philadelphia, they just traded away their franchise guy in Carsen Wentz. Jalen Hurts likely enters the season as the starter, but he hasn’t proven anything yet.

While he could come out as a supernova, the chances that he won’t are greater. It all comes down to this for Hurts. He’s only played in 15 pro games and has only started four, with a record of 1-3 in those starts. he still has some seasoning to do, is the point.

The New York Giants are almost tricky, but then again they aren’t. Daniel Jones is still becoming what he can become but even if he’s nearing that peak, you can’t be certain that his peak is “franchise guy” type stuff right now. The Giants’ defense was special coming down the stretch of last season, but a good offense will win every time in this NFL.

There is also this. Across his first and only two seasons in the league, Jones has 22 interceptions and 29 fumbles. That’s not good, to say the least. If he can’t hold on to the ball, then his team will find it almost impossible to consistently win.

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While Dak Prescott has his weaknesses, they all do, he seems to be the strongest in the division right now. With the quarterback being, almost, the most important position in professional sports, outside of an Ace in baseball, an elite goalie in hockey, and/or LeBron James/Kevin Durant/Steph Curry in hoops, having the better one of any particular group always gives you a leg up.

That’s the position the Dallas Cowboys finds themselves in within their division, as they look towards a new season.