Dallas Cowboys: Christian Barmore sitting right there for the taking

Alabama defensive lineman Christian Barmore(David Dermer/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports)
Alabama defensive lineman Christian Barmore(David Dermer/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys weren’t able to get their guy on the first night of the NFL Draft, which might have forced them into making a better overall pick in the first place. While Micah Parsons, the recently drafted linebacker out of Penn State, isn’t a defensive back, he could eventually become a game changer and a playmaker with his combination of size and speed.

With that though, the reason to be here now is because of who is still there on the draft board. Projected to go in the late first round up until a few days before the whole draft started, due to some interesting revelations, Alabama defensive tackle, Christian Barmore, has now slid to the second round.

The Dallas Cowboys need interior help along their defensive line and Christian Barmore is that, but he can also get after the quarterback.

The defensive tackle, in a draft that doesn’t feature a ton of defensive tackle talent, is the best of the bunch though. What also makes Barmore special is his ability to rush the passer from an interior position.

The Dallas Cowboys could use all of that. They need help in the middle of their defensive front, as they were gashed at will by opposing runners last season but they also need help rushing the passer, as you have to be able to do that to have a chance to win big in the NFL.

The Cowboys would likely need to get within those first five picks of the second round to make it happen though, as he practically on everyone’s “best available” list at this point. They can though.

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Acquiring another third round pick in the first round trade with Philadelphia on Thursday, the Cowboys now have 10 picks left, including three thirds, two fourths, and two sixths. If they can somehow manage to swing one of those extra third rounders to move up earlier, preferably right to the top of the second round, then that would be great.

That’s likely what it would take to nab Barmore here. That’s, also, exactly what they should do though.