With the tenth pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Cowboys select …

A general view of Dallas Cowboys fans Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
A general view of Dallas Cowboys fans Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /
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3 – Jaycee Horn

South Carolina’s defensive back is a large, fast, and feisty cornerback that has traits not seen in Dallas in quite some time. His play reminds some people of Jalen Ramsey which is no surprise as he has trained with him in the offseason before.

There was even a recent interview in which Florida superstar tight end Kyle Pitts directly names Horn as the most difficult matchup he has personally faced.

Horn is likely the fallback option at ten but I have a sneaky suspicion that all top five quarterbacks will go in the first round further pushing other skill players to Dallas.

The funny thing about Horn is I think he could be the emotional lightning rod for the Dallas Cowboys kinda like what Michael Irvin was and is still doing to hype up the fanbase. His practice film at South Carolina looks like he is performing for scouts at the Senior Bowl.

Horn would be a breath of fresh air as his arrogance and mouth could be what gives this defense an identity that no longer rides shotgun to the stars on the other side of the ball. If you like smack talk, Horn is sure likely to not only defend you well but also get in your face and tell you about it.

The Dallas defense has a lot of nice pieces to work with and have a bunch of great guys but what the defense lacks is that sprinkle of crazy. Charles Haley was crazy and it worked well with the great teammates he had in Dallas so sprinkling in a little bit of that would probably work out once again.

I sometimes think that some teams draft players not only based on football but also evaluate how he fits in your city? Horn doesn’t fit the traditional buttoned-up prospects most of the Dallas Cowboys players turn out to be and that is exactly why I want him.

There are certainly abrasive people who make everyday routines tough but I would rather put up with that and have him on my team than playing against him. I’m just not sure a divided front office can pull the trigger.