One cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys to watch in each round

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Paulson Adebo, Stanford Cardinal
Paulson Adebo, Stanford Cardinal (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

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You don’t expect to find an impact player outside the top two rounds. That is unless the drop is due to injury or character concerns. Stanford cornerback Paulson Adebo is an exception.

He may not be one of the top cornerbacks in the draft, but he should get more praise. Coming out of the Pac-12 Conference as one of their top corners, Adebo knows how to cover wideouts with ease. He can continue his dominance with the Dallas Cowboys.

He stands at six feet and one inch tall, carrying 198 pounds. It’s not enough to consider him a big corner, but it’s enough to be considered at least above average.

What stands out about the corner is his ability to make plays on the ball. That was especially true in his first season back in 2018.

He played in only 13 games but managed to grab four interceptions and a whopping 17 passes defended. Four of them were against the 2020 sixth overall pick, Justin Herbert. Oh, he is also the 2020 offensive rookie of the year.

He played a touch worse in 2019 but was still very impressive with making plays on the ball. In nine games, Paulson had four interceptions; and ten passes defended. You won’t find stats from 2020 because he opted out.

To back up his statistics, Adebo is very athletic. His 9.55 RAS grade is enough to catch anyone’s eye. What stands out the most is his impressive three-cone time of 6.69 seconds and his 4.45-second 40-yard dash.

While the corner is agile, he lacks explosiveness. The first couple of steps are slow, but he will run fast when he reaches his top gear. That’s why he has an average ten and 20-yard split but great 40-yard time.

The Dallas Cowboys own two third-round picks. They have their original and a compensatory one. If the Cardinal is still available for Dallas’ second pick of the round, it would be wise to pick him up.