3 free agent safeties the Cowboys should consider signing

Bradley McDougald, Seattle Seahawks (Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports)
Bradley McDougald, Seattle Seahawks (Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Bradley McDougald, Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets strong safety Bradley McDougald (30) (Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys need help at safety, and their answer may be a free agent

While it is a redundant topic, the Dallas Cowboys need to address it. Grabbing a safety is required to improve the team’s defense.

Most eyes look toward the upcoming NFL draft, but there are some options in free agency too. Let’s take a look at three safeties owner Jerry Jones should consider signing.

player. 30. . . . Bradley McDougald. 3

Signing a new defensive coordinator in Dan Quinn means the Cowboys will use a cover three defense often. Because of that, owner Jerry Jones will be in the market to sign a safety to play in the box. That could include Bradley McDougald.

Standing at six feet and three inches with 215 pounds of muscle, he has the big body to make plays in the box. While he was no Kam Chancellor, he filled in as well as a safety can.

You can expect to see a healthy McDougald rack up among the most tackles for defensive backs in the NFL. That’s because he has a feel for where the ball will be.

The undrafted free agent accumulated 70+ tackles in every season from 2015 to 2019. Last season, a shoulder injury held him to only seven games. Before that, he was on pace to finish the season with 82 tackles.

The 30-year old is also responsible when in pass coverage. McDougald gave up a 54.4 percent completion percentage and a 58.8 passer rating in 2019. That season he was playing with the Seattle Seahawks.

Last offseason saw him get traded to the New York Jets, and with that, his stats dropped. He gave up a 66.7 percent completion percentage and a 102.3 passer rating.

Keep in mind the Jets were the second-worst team in the NFL, so everyone played poorly. The upside is evident in his play in Seattle. In joining the Cowboys, McDougald will be in a better position to play well.

I understand many people will look at last season and dismiss Bradley due to that. Look at how he could have finished the season had he stayed healthy, and understand how a poor surrounding does bring down good players.

If Dallas wants to grab a box safety that packs a punch, McDougald is the guy. A short one or two-year contract would be a good deal for him to join the Cowboys.