The Dallas Cowboys must capitalize on their momentum

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /
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Garrett Gilbert, Dallas Cowboys
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Roster cuts

The Dallas Cowboys did not go on an all-out cutting spree like a few teams did or have to do in order to get under the salary cap but the team did cut its starting fullback Jamize Olowale.

Olowale did opt out of the season last year and is now looking for work in what is looking like an unpredictable market.

I would expect the team to at least consider cutting punter Chris Jones which was on my $90 million dollar mission but also because the team should send a clear signal that unproductive veterans will be moved on from if they cannot consistently do their job.

Cutting Jones would give the Cowboys an additional $2 million while leaving only $500 thousand in dead money. Last season’s punter Hunter Niswander did a solid job and is on the books for $798 thousand. The Cowboys could employ a punter and still pay under $1.3 million for the service.

I would expect the Cowboys to release Jones but players such as defensive backs Darian Thompson, CB Maurice Canady, CB Deante Burton, and Center Adam Redmond shouldn’t feel as confident as they might. Each of those names carries almost or just over $1 million cap hits with minimal or zero dead money.

Quarterbacks Cooper Rush and Garrett Gilbert also have almost $1 million dollar cap savings with zero dead money hits. I would imagine one is going to make the roster while the other is going to be looking for a job in late August or early September.